Las Vegas has a lot to offer, but one area in which locals are not getting what they deserve is in the coin and bullion business. With one large company on Sahara, and lots of strip mall pop-ups who say “We Buy Gold,” Las Vegas residents don’t have much choice when they look to buy or sell coins, currency, gold, silver or scrap jewelry. At least that was true until now:

After growing up in coins, a business that my father has excelled in for over 45 years, I decided it was time to give Las Vegas what it deserves: An honest approach to buying and selling collectible and investable coins and metals. Our pricing is competitive with online sources with the added benefit of being able to do business face to face. I believe that everyone deserves respect and a fair price, and that is why you won’t find a better option than Briggs’ Numismatics. Check out our live pricing (something you almost never find easily) and see how we stack up. Come get a quote from us on your coins or scrap jewelry and find out how much more than the competition we pay. If I can’t make you happy, then I don’t deserve your business.

Currently, while I transition back to Las Vegas, I am happy to make appointments for anyone who wants to buy, sell or find out a value. Of course email is an easy way to correspond in the mean time, but until we open an office in the summer, I will look forward to helping you in any way possible. Contact me now to set up a time!