Coins – We are looking to buy and sell a wide variety of US and foreign coins. While many are valued at their metal content, there are many numismatic pieces that are worth more, sometimes a lot more.
Bullion – Gold, Silver and Platinum are in demand all the time. We have the access to fulfill any bullion needs from buying it to selling it. Contact us for live quotes any time.
Scrap Jewelry – We all have jewelry we don’t use, or that is broken, or that we simply want to get rid of. Stop getting too little for your scrap jewelry and let me offer you 75% of melt value. Most cash for gold places pay no more than 60%. When they say things like, “we pay 50% more…” you can be sure they are underpaying in the first place. You won’t be sorry that you talked to us before selling you scrap gold and silver jewelry.